Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Funny Kid Things

OK, this post is mostly for me, but it's my blog.

Last night Quincy said that meat is healthy because it comes from people (""To Serve Man": It's a cookbook!").

This morning Q was chanting at Phoebe (much to her delight), "You will be dead when the tiger is dead." He said it probably 100 times in ten minutes. Deep, little dude.

On the way to school, Lily told Quincy that she wanted to be a doctor because she wanted to be French. Nathan asked her why she wanted to be French. She said, "Because I want to have a lot of money." Rich. She meant rich.

Yesterday, Ian's doctor said we could leave as soon as the nurse brought us the visit summary. Ian asked, "What's a summary?" Lily replied, "It's a boat that goes underwater." Who hasn't confused a summary and a submarine?

A few days ago, Lily was begging me to put on a Hannah Montana tattoo that she got from a preschool classmate. I told her that I didn't like Hannah Montana because I thought that she taught little girls that they should be pretty and not smart. Lily threw a fit and then said, "But she isn't even here, so how can she teach me anything?!" She made a good point, so we compromised. She threw out the tattoo with HM's face on it and I put on the butterfly tattoo after cutting HM's name off.

Ian and Lily just had their birthdays, so of course it's time to start planning next year's party. Ian has decided that he doesn't want a theme cake next year ("I'm too old," he said.), but Lily definitely does. She wants a human body cake with red frosting for the oxygenated blood and blue frosting for the deoxygenated blood and a big cut with blood (frosting) squirting out. I'll bet that Ian won't go within ten feet of that cake.

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