Monday, March 30, 2009

Resolution Report

Well, we're almost 1/4 of the way through 2009, so I thought I'd revisit my resolutions.

1. Running: I haven't even laced a running shoe, loaded an ipod, or put on a sports bra. Zip. Zilch. Of course, it's not too late to start. I just have to find a time to run that doesn't involve me getting up at 5am (more assaults happen right before dawn than at any other time--no kidding).

2. Finances: We have a budget. We mostly live within that budget. We have the money to pay off the credit card, but with 0% interest until August, we're waiting (the money is happily sitting, unspent, in savings). I have the names of a few local lawyers for a will and trust. And... I still have nine more months to finish the rest of this goal.

3. Homeschooling: My materials have been moved from a heap on the kitchen counter to a bookcase in the office. There is still more organizing to do, but the situation is greatly improved. I researched and ordered all of Ian's curriculum for next year (I can't order Lily's until she is officially enrolled). We have joined one homeschooling group and are planning on joining another. And I am going to set aside a good chunk of time this summer to plan our next school year (long-term goals, shorter-term goals, and a daily schedule). I'm getting there.

4. Entertaining: Our house is a dump. I know that is my standard excuse, but really--two cats, four kids, a busy husband, and a frazzled Adrienne--our house is a dump. We are making incremental progress and we have ideas for some quick fixes, but I can't see us entertaining before late summer.

5. Excessive punctuation: I think I've had this one covered for awhile. Maybe I just added it to my 2009 resolutions so I would have some sense of accomplishment.

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