Thursday, January 15, 2009

And Now, a Little about Me...

One of my friends on Facebook asked me to complete a list of 25 random facts about myself, and here they are:

1. I want to be able to park in my garage someday.
2. I was a nanny for six months (the kid wiped boogers on my car seat--he was 9!)
3. I bite my cuticles until they bleed (I've done it since I was three).
4. I love parentheses.
5. I went to UCLA because it was close and cheap (I have no Bruin pride).
6. I love office supplies (when I was a kid, I bought "While You Were Out" pads with my allowance).
7. I've had plastic surgery (hint: my ears used to be perpendicular to my head).
8. I'm afraid of large bodies of water (even the Shamu tank at Sea World kinda creeps me out).
9. I drink Nesquik almost everyday.
10. I don't care about body hair (mine or anyone else's).
11. If anyone ever tried to prank me with a snake, I'd never speak to the person again (this includes my husband).
12. I taught my kids to call breasts "boobs" because that's what I call them.
13. If I am ever terminally ill, I'm going to buy the biggest tank of a car, outfit it with paintball guns, and shoot at all bad drivers (it will scare the hell out of them, damage their cars, but inflict no injuries).
14. I never go barefoot.
15. I would like to write a screenplay.
16. I think I am good at roulette (I know, it's a game of chance, but trust me, I'm good).
17. I talk to myself--a lot.
18. I love London and would move there in a heartbeat.
19. I often and rudely pressure other people to have children because I enjoy mine so much.
20. I dream of taking on "the man" (City of Glendale, Just Tires, etc.) in a court of law and winning.
21. I've been to a World Series game and an NBA finals game.
22. Bad grammar really bothers me.
23. I hate dusting, but love vacuuming.
24. I met my husband at a "Bring a Stranger" party.
25. I played "Stairway to Heaven" and "People Are Strange" at my wedding.

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