Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bring a Strange Dish Party

My husband and I met eight years ago at a "Bring a Stranger" party.  All invited guests had to bring a stranger.  Nathan and I didn't know anyone (heck, I didn't even know the guy who brought me).  He noticed me right away, but didn't talk to me until I was sitting on the beer cooler and he was thirsty.  It's a great story, and we would like to give other people the chance to meet their soul-mates at our house, but probably not this year.  However, I have an idea for a similar party.

I would like to host a "Bring a Strange Dish" party.  I've been amassing interesting recipes for awhile with no way to use them (I can't see making red lentil and bulgur balls with green onions and cumin for my family on a weeknight), so why not have a party?  Anyone interested?

I would make four or five dishes that sound good, but that I've never made, and each of you would bring one untested dish.  It could be fun. It could be a disaster.  It will be memorable.  And who knows, maybe you'll meet your soul-food.


  1. Count me in! Sounds fun!

  2. That sounds like tons of fun!

  3. The kids have already met their sole food... chicken nuggets with honey mustard sauce.