Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Lazy Parent's Breakfast

Awhile back, the kids and I had to drive Nathan to the airport very fast (dude thought he could make his 9:00a flight, including parking in Lot C, leaving our house at 7:45a during rush hour... wasn't gonna happen) and we didn't have time for a proper breakfast.  Of course the kids wouldn't starve, but I would have to listen to 90 minutes of complaining in stereo.  Boom, Eggos in baggies, done!  They loved it, and thanks to my, uh, assertive driving, Nathan made it (driveway to skyway in 50 minutes).

The leggo-my-baggie trick saved my butt again on a preschool morning. Quincy was taking his sweet time with breakfast (by "sweet time" I mean at least 45 minutes of talking, whining, and  smearing--there's nothing sweet about it) and I'd already promised him waffles after he finished whatever other nutritionally-deficient carb he was eating. When I told him that it was too late for waffles, he lost it.  Boom, Eggos in baggies, done!  He cheerfully ate his waffles in the car, totally forgetting that he was going to preschool (his personal hell).  

Those are worthy uses of Eggos in baggies.  But what if Mom was too tired (or lazy) to clean off the table after dinner and then too tired (or lazy) to do it before breakfast?  Boom, Eggos in baggies, done!  For the kids, it's like camping in the family room.  And for me, it's a super easy (or lazy), minimally messy solution, provided the hot waffles don't melt the Big Lots baggies (hey, I breastfed--they can ingest a little plastic occasionally).

Hmm... maybe I'll try MREs for dinner.

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