Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cooking with Costco

Occasionally, I like to browse the Costco website just to see what's new (long-stemmed red roses), what I'd like (a seven-person spa), and what I can't afford (a $9200, two-story children's playhouse--it's pretty awesome).  Today I was looking at their optical services because Quincy needs glasses.  Somehow I navigated my way to the Costco Connection (their in-house magazine) page and found a wonderful collection of Costco-produced online cookbooks (seven in all!).  They are each about 200 pages and filled with gorgeous pictures and simple recipes.  And the pages load, zoom, and print quickly.

Here are just some of the recipes I found:

Breakfast Bruschetta with spiced ricotta, grapes and walnuts
Salmon Patties with cucumber yogurt sauce
Harvest Apple Slaw with cranberries and pine nuts
Pistachio and White Bean Chili (this will be a hard sell for Nathan who's a chili traditionalist)
Butternut Squash Risotto
Catfish with basil lemon sauce
Nectarine Pound Cake

I can't wait to dig in.  Maybe I'll add some of the recipes to my Strange Dish Party menu.

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